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Corina Maria van Dijk  (Crijntje) was born 31 aug. 1905 and  she died 18 jan. 2001.  She married Theodorus Henricus Versteegh (Theo) on 28 nov. 1928. Then she was 23 years of age, Theo was 28.

Her parents were : Krijn Antonius van Dijk, he was born 23-01-1845 and died 5 mei 1906 and  Elisabeth Theodora Maria Kunkeler, she was born 18 dec.1860 and  died 24 juni 1924. Krijn and  Elisabeth got married 19-05-1882

Crijntje was the youngest child of a family in which many children were born, but many of them died very young. 

When Crijntje was 9 months old her father died,  and before she was 19 her mother died too. As far as I know until now, she could  have known the following brothers and sisters, who were uncles and aunts for her children. 

Hendrikus Gijsbertus van Dijk, he was born on 10-10-1884 and died on 06-07-1970 in Ammerzoden.

Maria Antonia van Dijk, she was born 05-07-1886 and died 22-05-1968 in 's-Gravenhage..  She married Andreas Leopoldus van Reijen on 30-03-1921.

Gijsbertus Cornelis van Dijk, he was born 10-03-1889 and died on 21-12-1936. 

Antonius Johannes van Dijk, he was born 06-03-1891 and died 7 juni 1968 in 's-Hertogenbosch. He was buried in Ammerzoden.  He was never married. 

Hendrika Cornelia van Dijk, she was born 06-04-1895 and died 14-10-1991 in 's-Hertogenbosch. She was never married. 

Cornelis Antonius van Dijk (Kees) , he was born 19-06-1899. He married  Marina Johanna van Leeuwen (Tineke) on 21 05-1930. 

Willemina Maria van Dijk, She was born 03-07-1902.  She married Jan Willem van Gameren. 

The parents of Crijntje were:

  Krijn Antonius van Dijk and  Elisabeth Theodora Maria Kunkeler. They got maried on 19-05-1882.

Krijn Antonius van Dijk 1845-1906 

The parents of Krijn were:

Gijsbert van Dijk, he was born on 27-11-1810 and died 14-04-1887 and Hendrika van der Pijl, she was born 15-12-1815. They got married on 25 april 1838. The parents of Hendrika were Krijn van der Pijl and Elisabeth Mentinck

The parents of Gijsbert were:

Gerard van Dijk, he was born 1767 and died 17-09-1848. On  24-05-1807 he got married with Cornelia van Mook. She was born 1777 and died 04-05-1847. 

The parents of Cornelia van Mook were  Geertrui Smits and Willem van Mook. 

The parents of Gerard waren:

Gijsbertus Hendirckx, he was born 29-01-1729 in Rumpt and died 24-02-1806 in Gellicum and  Henrica (Cornelisse) Hack.  Henrica was born 07-09-1738 and died 07-07-1775. They got married 15-06-1760.

They were also the great-great grandparents of  Tinus van Dijk 

Elisabeth Theodora Maria Kunkeler 1860-1924

The parents of Elisabeth were:

Antonius Johannes Kunkeler, he was born 07-07-1816 and died 13-10-1872. In febr.1858 he married Maria Rosenboom. She was born,  03-10-1836 and died 03-11-1887. Antonius, who was born in Acquoy moved to Gellicum on 15 okt.1858.  He was a tailor, just like his father. The parents of Maria were Floris Rosenboom,(born in 1802) and  Theodora van Roden. She was born in 1808 and died 07-03-1854. 

The parents of Antonius were:

Johannis Kunkeler. He was born  01-04-1778 in Wesel, Germany. His wife was  Sibilla van Malthe, she was born in 1780 in Wamel and died 24 -04-1850.

Joannes Kunkeler and Sibilla van Malthe got married on 06-02-1803. The name of the groom was: J.Chr.W.C. Kunkeler, spelled out: Joannes Christophorus Wilhelmus Conrades Kunkeler and the bride was  Sibilla van Malten.(There are many variations in the names: Sybilla, Sebilla, Sibilla - Malte, Malten, Maltheľ Kunkeler,Kumkeler.) 

Joannes Kunkeler came from Wezel (in German: Wesel), a place not far from the Netherlands, located on the Rhine river.  Sibilla van Malthe came from Wamel located on the Waal river. Joannes was a tailor. Their children were born in Acquoy, on the other side of the Linge river, opposite to Gellicum.

I found the following children of Johannis and Sibilla:

Elizabeth, she was  born 23-12-1803. Witnesses to her baptism were Elisabeth Kunkeler and Joanna van Soelen

Joannes Wilhelmus Kunkeler. He was born 22-08-1806. 

Joannes Kunkeler. He was born. 05-12-1807

Maria Kunkeler. She was born ??-09-1809. Witnesses to her baptism were  Laurentius van Malten en Agnes van Leeuwen.

Joannes Wilhelmus Kunkeler. He was born 05-08-1811. 

Antonius Johannis en Helena Sebilla were born on 07-07-1816 in Acquoy.  They were a twin.  In the birth register Johannis Kunkeler called himself a taillor, old 38 years.  (So he was born about  1778.)

Note: If I use the word "born" it can also mean "baptized". A date before 1800 means always "baptized" or "christened", because the sources are nearly always the birthbooks of the church . There can be a difference of some days between a baptism and a birth.